EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre

EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre
Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block C, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre

Rajah Court Hotel

Rajah Court Hotel
in front of Everrise


Block D

Block B and C

Block B and C
Block C : Foo Ann,Lian Electrical


Welcome to Pearl Commercial Centre, this is the first strata title property build at the end of Jalan Tun Razak, Kuching, Sarawak,Malyasia. Our Goal is to share information with our members. If you find this site useful, enjoy the information available here.

First of all, we are pleased to informed that strata titles for this property has been issued. therefore, a managment Corporation has been formed, in short,we called "PCCMC " with its office at first floor, No 58-1B, Block G. the block behind Everrise Super Market. The office Contact no is 082-343052.

Pearl Commercial centre has seven (7) blocks of three storey strata shoplots. The anchor tenants for Block A - Sport Toto, "Magum 4 D", Big Sweep, Bodco Engineeing and construction etc. ; Block B - Everrise Supermarket ; Block D - Penview Inn.

If you are coming from Jalan Simpang Tiga Fly Over, turn left after SMK Pending. Another landmark is Methodist Church which is just opposite the main entrance to the centre. The Pending Methodish Kindergarden, Rajah Court Hotel is opposite us too.

Our legal Advisor is C.H.Tay and Partner

The important of supporting services like Chinese Medical store, Car repair shop, CCTV specialist, Tonner refiller, Travel Agent etc are available.

The project has its Occupation Permit at the middle of 1995. We hope to become a model commercial centre and contribute positively to the economic. If you are a property agent or developers, give us a call, we are more than willing to offer our suggestions to make your area more successful. If you have any ideas or proposal. please contact us for further discussion.

Some developers or the MC make enquiry regarding management corporation. Some seek for advice or suggestions. We also offer consultation services. If you want to rent space for shop or accommodation, please let us know your requirement.

Another supporting business here is those owners providing accomodation for the working class. There are a lot of rooms for rent available in the area.

We offer property sales or rent services too

Next to Penview Inn

Next to Penview Inn
Block C, Facing the main Road,

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reviews of Dynawood Beach Stay, Sematan .

Dear Friends,

This review hope can give you and your group some preparation before you arrive here.
The owner called this place a BEACH STAY. He did not name it  HOMESTAY because it is not
a Home Stay. He did not name the property a RESORT STAY  because it is not a resort.  This is a beach stay because it is facing the South China Sea. It is the first lot at a beach front property. You can walk to the beach anytime you want. This is also my retirement dream that own a beach front property.

How to reach there?

The best way to reach here is by driving. You can drive and park you car in front of  your room. In Australia, they called this kind of accommodation  a Motel.  You can reach it by two paths. You can search the Google map, type "dynawood beach stay" ,  then, decide which path is most suitable for you to arrive here. The one that come from the Sematan Town is more comfortable drive.

The photo shows the main building for the Beach Stay :

The main building on the ground floor has six rooms which has attached toilet. It has one (1) double Decker Bed. The lower deck has a queen size bed and a single bed on the upper deck. All the six rooms has air conditioning system. The first floor is meeting hall with capacity of 80 persons. It has air conditioning system .

Meeting Hall for 100 persons on first floor.

Kitchen is on the Ground Floor

View  toward the Beaches

Tree House

In short, Dynawood Beach Stay at Sematan is an ideal place for a short stay.  This is beach front stay. For those who are attracted to beach front beauty. This place can offer all a beach front can offer. Like sand beaches, etc. For those who are budget concious. You can arrange dinner to be cooked by your family members or take away from Sematan Town. Sematan Town has restaurant provide cter service and is only some three km away.

Background :

Local Tourism is an source of income for Semantan. The government is promoting Sematan town for local, especially those from the Kuching city with a population of over 600,000.  It is only 120 km from the city centre. You can reach here in about 90 minutes or less depend on your driving speed.

We should be thankful to this owner who has work hard and this is also in line with the government
development program. The project create jobs for the local here. It is manned by the local here.

The owner also has a fruit garden and animal farms. It is free for your viewing.

Some useful information found on the net.

"Dynawood Beach Stay is located near the coastal town of Sematan and approximately about 120km with 1½ hours drive from Kuching City Centre."


"Dynawood Beach Stay’s heritage environment with “kampong” setting guestrooms are quaint and picturesque. You can’t help but feel your spirits come alive. The ocean breeze and calming waves set you in the mood for some great holiday and vacation fun. The surrounding environment allows you to be closer to nature and wake up to the peaceful sound of the ocean. "

"With 21 appointed standard guestrooms (Able to accommodate approx. 130 pax), well equipped with all necessary amenities, your accommodation will be filled up with memorable experience from a unique blend of casual beach lifestyle. This is also a great destination for vacation, meeting and annual incentive trip which allows visitors to experience the nature way of living.""Come for a day trip or stay for days and explore the green environment, attractions and of course the beautiful sandy beach! The management offers visitors with an excellent, warmth and friendly hospitality along with nature at its best. LET’S EXPERIENCE TO BELIEVE! "We hope you enjoy the information. If you need further details can contact 013-818-6655.The owner invite everyone in  Kuching please come and relax here. It can be a day trip or two days one night stay.

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