EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre

EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre
Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block C, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre

Rajah Court Hotel

Rajah Court Hotel
in front of Everrise


Block D

Block B and C

Block B and C
Block C : Foo Ann,Lian Electrical


Welcome to Pearl Commercial Centre, this is the first strata title property build at the end of Jalan Tun Razak, Kuching, Sarawak,Malyasia. Our Goal is to share information with our members. If you find this site useful, enjoy the information available here.

First of all, we are pleased to informed that strata titles for this property has been issued. therefore, a managment Corporation has been formed, in short,we called "PCCMC " with its office at first floor, No 58-1B, Block G. the block behind Everrise Super Market. The office Contact no is 082-343052.

Pearl Commercial centre has seven (7) blocks of three storey strata shoplots. The anchor tenants for Block A - Sport Toto, "Magum 4 D", Big Sweep, Bodco Engineeing and construction etc. ; Block B - Everrise Supermarket ; Block D - Penview Inn.

If you are coming from Jalan Simpang Tiga Fly Over, turn left after SMK Pending. Another landmark is Methodist Church which is just opposite the main entrance to the centre. The Pending Methodish Kindergarden, Rajah Court Hotel is opposite us too.

Our legal Advisor is C.H.Tay and Partner

The important of supporting services like Chinese Medical store, Car repair shop, CCTV specialist, Tonner refiller, Travel Agent etc are available.

The project has its Occupation Permit at the middle of 1995. We hope to become a model commercial centre and contribute positively to the economic. If you are a property agent or developers, give us a call, we are more than willing to offer our suggestions to make your area more successful. If you have any ideas or proposal. please contact us for further discussion.

Some developers or the MC make enquiry regarding management corporation. Some seek for advice or suggestions. We also offer consultation services. If you want to rent space for shop or accommodation, please let us know your requirement.

Another supporting business here is those owners providing accomodation for the working class. There are a lot of rooms for rent available in the area.

We offer property sales or rent services too

Next to Penview Inn

Next to Penview Inn
Block C, Facing the main Road,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Value Buy,Pending Height Flat for Sale, Jalan Pending, Kuching

Dear Investors,

Urgent Flat For Sales at Pending Height Phase II, Jalan Pending

Property details:
1) Two (2) bedrooms
2) One (1) toilet
3) Area is about 500 square feet.
4) Third floor
5) walk up Flat with common corridor.
6)Block B
7)Price is RM 67,000.00

Monday, June 27, 2011

Water Leakage from Second Floor Residents Unit.

Dear Owners,

We wish to mention that we enconter a few cases of the water leakage each year from Second floor resident units flowing into first floor, then, flow into the ground floor ; Sometime from first floor to ground floor.

Why is this happening, years after years?

1) Case No. One, the water leakage from the floor trap : This is where the water from the water sink and the bathroom flow, when a blockage occur, normally, the occupants themselves try to clear the blockage. if they are not experienced, the whole cover at T- junction joint would drop. Imagine all the water volume flowing down directing to the first floor, then, to the ground floor. Anything along the way would be wet.

The first response from the owner of the first floor and Second floor would do is make complaint and talk about making claim. We are living in a lawful country. Every step is governed by ruls and law. According to the common knowledge, who make the mistake or who cause it would pay for it.

Now, most owner do not aware of the problems, there are a lot of question. like,
Who is reponsible ? Where is the cause of the problem? Is it from the common property or is it from the owners' property.? You may ask, What is common property or what is owners property? What is your rights and what is the rights of your neighbour? Now, we need to see the terms and conditions in the strata ruling ; the common property or the owner property. The managment handle the common property as soon as possible. The owner handle the owners' property. How is the common property defined? Generally, the management handle the common property, like the staircase, the roof, the common corridor, the window at the common corridor, the door at the common corridor. The owner property are things inside the units and belong to the unit.

Now, in short, the water come from second floor, therefore, the second floor owner pay.

2) Case no Two, recently one of the first floor owner forget to turn off the water tap. The water flow through the night. Flood his own office and the water flow down into the ground floor. The ground claim the first floor owner for the damage. Case Closed.

The statement expressed here is P & C and for our member reference only.

City Square Pending Development by Timberland Group

Dear Owners and Friends,

With the launching of the Mega project called "City Square" just a stone throw away from Pearl Commercial Centre. After its completion, it should uplifted the image of this Pending area. The project offers more than 100 lots of Shop houses.  There are not one but two hotels coming. This Mega project would be constructed phase by phase. There are six (6) blocks multi-storey buildings consist of commercials, hotels, office blocks. The whole project plan to be completed in seven years time  from 2011. Therefore, the expected completion date is 2018.

.There would be one block for three (3) star hotel and one block for a four (4) star Hotel. There are four more buildings for Condominium  living.

The expected completion date for Phase One is 2014.

It actually site is at traffic light junction of  Jalan Pending and Kwng Lee Road. It is about 2 and half miles from the Kuching City Centre. It is  opposite Sing Teck Hong Hardware Shop.

There are a lot of  supporting services like the Tanah Putih Policlinic, Chung Hua Middle No.1, SJK Chung Hua, Pearl Commercial, Pending Commercial Centre, Pending Height, Phase One and Two.

N10. is the state Seat. It is under Pending for State election.  For Parliament,  it is under Bandar Kuching.

The ICOM Square is nearby. This property is one of the biggest in Kuching.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The tree at Block B would be cut at High level

Dear Owner,

Today is Thurday, 23.06.2011

1) Cutting of the tree at Block B

We are please to inform that the MBKS have visit the site this morning. The official say he would inform the council, if there is no problems with the policy and the tree should be cut of at the top part of the tree very soon.

The dry leaves from the tree is dropping onto the roof. The dry leave is blocking our gutter.
We have received compliant and reguest the council.

2) cutting of the tree bushes behind Block A

He recommend the managment to inform the SMK Pending to seek advice for further action.

Is this Flooding at First Floor Corridor Possible?

Dear Owner,

This post we want to highlight this problem of flooding. Flooding do occur for a number of time now. This flooding happened due to some reasons. Common reasons is the water flow come from the roof or the water tap from the toilets.

Tip to avoid this problem :

1) make sure the water tap is closed when you left your place.

2) attend to small leakage problems because this could become a big water
flow if not attended.

3) there are a lot time the water storage tank for the toilet is damage or the float
is not funtioning.

4) the water piping in the concrte is leaking at the joint sections.

We are all human, things that could go wrong alway do, here we offer some advice :

What to Do ?

Call the managment office if leakage or flooding do occur. Pre locate the source of the water and off it. For the case of the roof, let the mangment the exact location so that the management staff could identify and make remedy

Back of Block B

Back of Block G

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