EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre

EVERRISE : Pearl Commercial Centre
Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block C, Pearl Commercial Centre


Block B, Pearl Commercial Centre

Rajah Court Hotel

Rajah Court Hotel
in front of Everrise


Block D

Block B and C

Block B and C
Block C : Foo Ann,Lian Electrical


Welcome to Pearl Commercial Centre, this is the first strata title property build at the end of Jalan Tun Razak, Kuching, Sarawak,Malyasia. Our Goal is to share information with our members. If you find this site useful, enjoy the information available here.

First of all, we are pleased to informed that strata titles for this property has been issued. therefore, a managment Corporation has been formed, in short,we called "PCCMC " with its office at first floor, No 58-1B, Block G. the block behind Everrise Super Market. The office Contact no is 082-343052.

Pearl Commercial centre has seven (7) blocks of three storey strata shoplots. The anchor tenants for Block A - Sport Toto, "Magum 4 D", Big Sweep, Bodco Engineeing and construction etc. ; Block B - Everrise Supermarket ; Block D - Penview Inn.

If you are coming from Jalan Simpang Tiga Fly Over, turn left after SMK Pending. Another landmark is Methodist Church which is just opposite the main entrance to the centre. The Pending Methodish Kindergarden, Rajah Court Hotel is opposite us too.

Our legal Advisor is C.H.Tay and Partner

The important of supporting services like Chinese Medical store, Car repair shop, CCTV specialist, Tonner refiller, Travel Agent etc are available.

The project has its Occupation Permit at the middle of 1995. We hope to become a model commercial centre and contribute positively to the economic. If you are a property agent or developers, give us a call, we are more than willing to offer our suggestions to make your area more successful. If you have any ideas or proposal. please contact us for further discussion.

Some developers or the MC make enquiry regarding management corporation. Some seek for advice or suggestions. We also offer consultation services. If you want to rent space for shop or accommodation, please let us know your requirement.

Another supporting business here is those owners providing accomodation for the working class. There are a lot of rooms for rent available in the area.

We offer property sales or rent services too

Next to Penview Inn

Next to Penview Inn
Block C, Facing the main Road,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tilapia for Sale, Anyone !

Introducing the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Established by the Sarawak State Government, with initially over 77,000 hectares of agriculture land, Tanjung Manis Halal Hub is planned to be the largest integrated Halal hubs. The incorporation of advanced technologies, renewable energies and sustainable practice will also make it one of the most scientifically and environmentally advanced Halal hubs in the world.

Tilapia Fish Farming :

Big Scale Tilapia fish  farming is happening here in Sarawak. The site is at Tanjung Manis. The travel time is three (3) hours  by Express boat from Kuching Express Wharf  which is sited near Kuching Pork Authority (KPA), Kuching. Sea Party International is a company from Taiwan. They are the investor for the project. The Tilapia fish is available right here in Kuching. Penview Hotel serve this fish on their menu. For those interested to purchase in bulk. Please do contact Mr. Theng  013-818 6655 for information.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Passive Income. How?

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Passive Income. How?

1) Rental value.

we want share a successful owner how to build his property using rental value.

The owner start small and only one units. The first unit only give him RM 300.00 per month.
The second unit give RM 350.00. Over twenty more years, he own more than 40 units now. You can estimated it monthly income.

Let say one unit net RM 300.  and he rented out only 75 %,  therefore only  30 units is rented.  So, the monthly income is RM 9000.00. 

This is only one of his source of income. Everyone must have a stream of income. The simple one, the bank interest. next, the mutual fund.

Review City Square development is in progress at Jalan Pending

Dear Friends or investors,

Today is 6th of November 2012

Investor information:

                                                     City Square in Pending, Kuching.

City Square - This is a mega project. It is building up very fast. Is this good news ? It is all depend on your interest in the area. Your interest in property investment. It is all about location and timing. The community  in the areas are more than happy because the construction phases are moving faster that expected. The building owners in the area are holding on their property now. Most of them need to re-consider their option to sell. A few group of  investors are keep on buying the property around the area. All these are happening because of the launching of City Square. Now, You can see the first phase shop lot structure up to third storey. The second phase is on its foundation. Investors are getting more confident since the project is moving.

This review is written on 2nd of May 2013.

You may wonderful the reasons that this information is useful. It is useful because something big is happening here.

For the next three years, a lot of events should happened.

Just recently :-

1) 100% Super Store just open its latest store at Yoshi Square

2) Sugar Bun is coming at Yoshi Square

     City Square will house another 100 shop lots.

For those investors still consider to own property in the area. This is the time to buy before the property price go up.

Please come back here later for more information.

Please contact 013-818-6655

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jobs Placement available in Pending Area

Dear Residents / Owners

As a community project for the area, we are providing job placement for
potential jobs in the area.

For those want to looking  jobs, you can contact the following number.

Contact : 013-818-6655

or forward your CV to rtheng@gmail.com with a title for job placement

Download RM 500 Aid Forms

Dear Readers/Residents

Malaysian RM 500 Aid Form is downloadable  at income tax website or do a google search
with this same title wording.

You can go to http://www.treasury.gov.my/pdf/br1m/borang_br1m.pdf.

Happy downloading

Back of Block B

Back of Block G

Pearl Commercial Cente

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